Pre Planning

   Planning for the future

     Pre-planning for yourself, a family member or friend is easy.  It can be as simple as having us make note of some of your wishes or as complete as planning  and pre-paying the entire funeral.

     Listed below are some things to help get you started.  Simply print and fill out for future use or give us a call and we will gladly assist.


Date & Place of Birth______________________________________________

Mother's Name (including maiden name)______________________

Father's Name___________________________________________

Your Social Security Number_______________________________

Occupation (if retired, prior to retirement)______________________________


Where did you attend school and/or college?___________________


Are you a member of any church or civic organization?__________



What do you enjoy?  Hobbies? etc.___________________________




Are you currently or previously in the military?___________________

If so, what branch and where/when did you serve?________________


You will need your discharge papers to receive benefits.

If you are a veteran, do you desire military services?____________________

Were you the recipient of any decorations or citations?__________________

Who is your primary physician?_____________________________________

Do you desire traditional burial or cremation?__________________________

If burial, which cemetery do you prefer?_______________________________

Do you currently own lots there?_____________________________________

Do you wish to have visitation (public calling) at the funeral home, your home or church?_______________________________________________________

If so, do you desire open casket viewing?______________________________

If you desire cremation, do you wish to have a traditional calling hours, viewingand services?_____________________________________________________

If you desire cremation, what are you wishes concerning the cremains?   Burial?    Inurnment?    Entombment?   Scattering?


If you desire traditional calling and services,  who do you wish to officiate at your service?